Preview for The Shield’s Final Chapter

WWE will present their live special The Shield’s Final Chapter on the WWE Network this evening.

The official WWE website and various social media channels have been pumping out videos, articles, and other features hyping up the special all week, with the primary focus being whether or not Dean Ambrose will remain with WWE after this weekend.

As The Hounds of Justice prepare to ride for the last time this evening, WWE has been focusing videos on Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins trying to convince Ambrose to stay with the company during the build-up to the show.

The official description for the official video preview released on Sunday morning for tonight’s live special reads: The Shield’s Final Chapter – Tonight on WWE Network The Shield team up for one last ride as Dean Ambrose competes in his WWE farewell match tonight, streaming live at 9:30 ET/6:30 PT, exclusively on WWE Network.

As we posted on the site earlier this weekend, WWE has been releasing an ongoing video feature dubbed, The Shield’s Final Chapter Diary, as part of the promotion for Sunday’s special. One of the videos features the following label: Will Dean Ambrose’s Shield brothers convince him to stay?: The Shield’s Final Chapter Diary Following The Shield’s first match of the weekend, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins talk about what their final showdowns together mean to them, and if they’ll try and convince The Lunatic Fringe to stay in WWE.

This report was written by Matt Boone and was taken from


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