Dominik Dijakovic Injured, Undergoes Knee Surgery

Dominik Dijakovic has had surgery to repair a meniscus tear.

Dijakovic announced the news himself on his Twitter account, and WWE.com later confirmed the surgery.

The NXT star had been set to feud with Velveteen Dream over the NXT North American title, and a confrontation between the two aired on the May 1 edition of NXT TV.

With Dijakovic suffering an injury, NXT pivoted to Dream feuding with Tyler Breeze in his return to NXT, as Dijakovic missed the last set of television tapings.

A search of leading medical websites, including Duke University Health, and The Cleveland Clinic, reveals that the standard surgical procedure for a torn meniscus is arthroscopic.

Those same sites pinpoint a standard recovery tie from surgery at 4 to 6 weeks.

WWE did not provide a recovery timetable in confirming the news.

Dijakovic promised to return and says that he does not see his injury as a bad thing.

“I’m happy that I had a tear in my meniscus,” Dijakovic says.

“I had to rip away the weakness, to rebuild it to be stronger than ever, using my blood.”

Big E is also currently on the shelf after suffering the same injury, shortly after WrestleMania.


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