Money in the Bank

2019 WWE Money in the Bank Review

The 2019 Money in the Bank PPV comes from the XL Center in Hartford, CT.


Ember Moon vs. Mandy Rose vs. Dana Brooke vs. Nikki Cross vs. Bayley vs. Natalya vs. Naomi vs. Carmella in a Money in the Bank Ladder Match: This was a pretty good MITB match. A fair amount of car crash spots using the ladder throughout and each woman getting a moment to shine. Cross looked like a lunatic, Naomi did some matrix type stuff to avoid the ladders, and we got an Eclipse off a ladder from Ember Moon. During the match Carmella got her knee banged up during an exchange with Mandy Rose. Carmella was helped to the back but returned to the match limping. Carmella was taken out of the match by Sonya Deville who tried to help her cohort Mandy Rose grab the briefcase. Both ladies were stopped by Bayley who was able to fight Sonya and Mandy off the ladder to grab the MITB briefcase.

Sami Zayn shows up in Triple H’s office petrified that he will come face to face with Braun Strowman but Triple H assured Zayn that he has nothing to worry about because Braun has been banned from the arena. Zayn still wants some protection and for that Triple H advised Zayn to tape up his fist and get out of the office.


Samoa Joe (c) vs. Rey Mysterio for the United States Championship: Joe gets busted open early after a seated Senton from Rey mashes Joe’s nose. In a blink of an eye, Rey turns a hurricanrana into a pin and gets the three count to win the US Title. With the replay, you can see Joe get his shoulder up after two but it was out of the referee’s view. Rey’s son Dominic comes down to congratulate his father on the win. As they are making their way up to the ramp Rey is bulldozed by Joe. Both men reenter the ring where Mysterio is destroyed in front of his son by Joe. The match was too quick to judge but I am really looking forward to the day Dominic stands up for his father. Once again Joe falls victim to a flash pin. How many times will this be the outcome for him?


The Miz vs. Shane McMahon in a Steel Cage Match: The beginning of the match was pretty basic with Shane trying to escape the cage from the bell. Miz is able to keep him contained despite Shane getting some offense in. When Shane found an opening he went for Coast to Coast but was caught by The Miz. Shane tried to escape the cage but Miz blocks him even with Shane dragging a chair into the ring. The Miz gets to the chair first and lays a beating into Shane with the chair. The Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale planting Shane into the chair. Miz goes for the cover and Shane gets his foot on the bottom rope. Typically in a No DQ style match like a Cage Match, the count is supposed to continue but it looks like a mistake on the part of the official. Both men battle at the top with Miz tossing Shane to the mat. It seems like Shane is the only one with the wherewithal to try and escape the cage. Both men are once again battling at the top of the cage and again Miz has the upper hand. It looks like The Miz wanted to end Shane with another Superplex. Shane finds himself hanging off the outside of the cage with The Miz holding on. Shane slips through his shirt that was in the grips of The Miz and lands on the ground to win the Steel Cage Match. A goofy way to end a match where people are losing interest in this feud by the minute.

Officials find Sami Zayn hanging upside down unconscious.


Tony Nese (c) vs. Ariya Daivari for the Cruiserweight Championship: Daivari comes out to the ring in a sweet Benz. This was your prototypical 205 Live match, a great back and forth contest with both men working really hard to entertain the crowd. The audience may not have been into the match but thanks to a wonderful sequence ending with Nese barely kicking out of a Hammerlock Lariat. Nese finds an opening and hits Daivari with the Running Nese to get the win. A fun match that showcased what 205 Live is all about, back and forth, competitive matches that keep your eyes on the screen.


Becky Lynch (c) vs. Lacey Evans for the RAW Women’s Championship: The Champion starts the match off dominant on offense. Evans finds an opening and attacks the arm of Lynch. Evans is staying in the fight looking really impressive against Lynch. The champ takes over the match. Evans stays in it with a corner springboard cutter and a kick to the sternum. When Lynch gets to her feet Evans knocks her down with a shot to her knee. Evans rolls Becky up but her shoulders aren’t to the mat. Becky shifts her weight and locks on the DisarmHer to get Lacey to tap. Decent match but there was no real build up to the submission finish.

Becky gets no time to breathe as she has to defend her SmackDown Women’s Championship against Charlotte Flair.


Becky Lynch (c) vs. Charlotte Flair for the SmackDown Women’s Championship: For most of the beginning the match was dominated by Charlotte who is at a clear advantage. Becky fights back and there were a couple moments where both ladies were just trading shots. Charlotte attempts a Natural Selection on the apron but Lynch holds on sending Charlotte crashing to the floor. While the referee is busy counting Charlotte out Lacey Evans comes running down and hits Becky with a Women’s Right. Charlotte takes the chance to capitalize but Becky rolls her up for a close two count. Charlotte connects with a big boot and picks up the win. Charlotte is now a nine-time Women’s Champion.

Charlotte and Lacey jump Becky which draws out the winner of the Women’s MITB Bayley to even the odds. During the scuffle, Charlotte gets taken out. Bayley sees this as a perfect time to cash in her MITB briefcase. Bayley heads to the top and connects with a diving elbow. 1…2…3! Bayley cashes in her briefcase and becomes the new SmackDown Women’s Champion! She celebrates with the fans. Although sort of predictable this was a smart way to utilize the MITB case.


Roman Reigns vs. Elias: Before the match, Elias clobbers Roman with a guitar as he is walking to the ring. In the ring, Elias sings a song to the Hartford crowd before taking off. When he gets to the top of the stage he stopped by a Superman Punch from Roman. Reigns rolls Elias back in the ring and the bell sounds. Reigns hits Elias with a Spear and picks up a win. Why not just, I don’t know, have a match? I think people would rather have seen a match.


Seth Rollins (c) vs. AJ Styles for the Universal Championship: This was basically what everyone thought it was going to be and more. Talk about two men just throwing everything they have at each other leaving all they have in the ring. A back and forth affair to the very end. By the time Styles countered the Stomp into a Styles Clash for two this was easily your match of the night. AJ went to finish things off with a Phenomenal Forearm but Rollins counters it with a Ripcord Knee strike and follows it up with a Stomp to get the three count. to paraphrase Corey Graves on commentary, these are the matches that define you as Champion.

Both men shake hands as a sign of sportsmanship.

Lars Sullivan killed the Lucha House Party.


Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Kevin Owens for the WWE Championship: Kofi started the match off with quick offense catching Owens off guard. Owens finds an opening and slows the pace of the match. Owens flattened Kofi with a vicious frog splash off the apron to the floor outside. Kofi has chances to swing the match in his favor but Owens keeps stopping the comeback in its tracks. Kofi hits a double stomp on the apron to the chest of Owens. Kofi tries to come off the top with an attack but gets hit with a Superkick. After a back and forth sequence Kofi hits Owens with SOS. Kofi kicked out of a sick popup Powerbomb. Owens attempts the Stunner but Kofi blocks it and hits Trouble in Paradise. Owens wisely exits the ring before he can get pinned. Kofi forces Owens back in the ring and gets hit with a Stunner for two thanks to the bottom rope. Owens goes for a Senton Bomb but Kofi gets the knees up. Kofi hits the Trouble and Paradise and gets the win to remain WWE Champion.


Andrade vs. Ricochet vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Finn Balor vs. Sami Zayn vs. Baron Corbin vs. Ali vs Randy Orton in a Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Sami Zayn apparently had to go to the hospital so he is out of this one. Braun Strowman has been banned from the arena so I doubt he will be getting involved in this one. Randy Orton really got the crowd and the match going by attacking anything that moved. Ricochet did some flippy stuff and almost landed on his head. Andrade killed Finn Balor with a Sunset Flip Powerbomb onto another ladder that was absolutely gnarly. Ali takes out Andrade with a Spanish Fly off a ladder. Michael Cole can’t believe anything that is happening and it’s hysterical.McIntyre sets up a bridge with a ladder between the ring and commentary table. Baron Corbin takes out Ali with the sickest Chokeslam through the Spanish commentary table. This is madness. Bodies are going everywhere. McIntyre tosses Ricochet like a rag doll onto his ladder bridge. After a brief while, Ali is up on top of the ladder and it looks like the case is his when suddenly the music of Brock Lesnar hits. It honestly felt like the air was just let out of the building because everyone knew what was coming. Brock dumps Ali out to the floor, climbs the ladder, and somehow becomes the winner of the Money in the Bank, a match he was never scheduled to be in. That is the end of the show folks.

Honestly, if we didn’t get that ending the PPV would have been a solid show. The Women’s MITB match was pretty good and Bayley winning was a smart idea. AJ and Seth went out there and had the barn burner we were all expecting, and the advertised Men’s MITB was off the charts. It was all ruined by Brock Lesnar. How do you explain him being in a match he was never advertised to be in? Not only that but he gets to show up in the last five seconds to win? Earth to Vince McMahon, Brock Lesnar is not the hot commodity or the spectacle you think he is. Many people just want him to go away.

What did you think of Money in the Bank? Drop a comment below.

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