Money in the Bank

Chris Jericho says what we are all thinking

Okay, so last night if you chose to watch the Money in the Bank PPV over the Game of Thrones finale (thank you DVR gods) you probably thought to yourself “Hey this show isn’t THAT bad. This main event is pretty good, bodies are flying everywhere, everything is great.” This feeling probably lasted until the last five minutes of the show when fan favorite Ali was atop the ladder ready to seal his fate and send everyone feeling good when suddenly a dark cloud sucked all of the fun out of the arena.

Brock Lesnar, like a lion after a gazelle, sprints to the ring, sends Ali crashing to the floor with enough time to question his life choices and retrieves the Money in the Bank briefcase.

I’ll spare you my thoughts on the entire deal (you can read them on the MITB review here) but rather I’ll give Chris Jericho the floor to say what we are all thinking:

That’s pretty much it folks. Now I know there are probably tons of Lesnar fans that enjoy seeing him in the ring and that’s okay. The issue is more so the stranglehold Lesnar has on the WWE, the constant need to have him at the forefront, as a champion or a contender when he adds no validity to being a champion. During the Stone Cold Podcast, Vince McMahon described Brock Lesnar as an attraction, a spectacle. McMahon was right about that at the time. I wonder if he realizes the attraction is starting to become a detraction.

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