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RAW Recap – 5/27/19 – Brock’s Choice, Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match

Raw comes to us live from the Sprint Center in Kansas City, MO. Brock Lesnar is supposed to choose who he plans on cashing his Money in the Bank contract against!

Raw opens with a nice video package for the men and women in the Armed Services. We get a glimpse of Brock Lesnar then to ringside where we are graced with the presence of WWE Champion Kofi Kingston. We get a quick recap of Dolph Ziggler’s attack on Kofi from this past week on SmackDown. Kofi says Dolph didn’t finish the job because he’s still here and he’s standing tall. Kofi is on Raw because he wants to see who Brock is going to choose to cash in his Money in the Bank opportunity. Kofi doesn’t get Brock he gets Universal Champion Seth Rollins. The KIngslayer likes what Kofi is saying and he too is interested so Seth calls him out. Brock comes down to the ring with some…interesting music playing behind him while doing the whitest Running man I’ve ever seen. Brock is making a complete mockery of the situation so he bails. Paul Heyman isn’t too happy about that so he says no decision will be made right now. Kofi has his back turned and is attacked by Dolph Ziggler. Before Dolph could do more damage Kofi is saved by Xavier Woods. Dolph escapes and we head to commercial.

Brock doing the dancing, and the song. The whole thing was cringe.

We are back from break when Dolph and Xavier begin to brawl again. Woods has the upper hand but Dolph fights back. This thing is all over the place. Dolph attacks Woods with a steel chair. Dolph attempts to smash Woods’ head in the same fashion he did Kofi on SmackDown when suddenly Kofi comes limp running down the ramp with a steel chair. Dolph bails and we go to another commercial break.

We’re back from break with Kofi and Xavier in the ring when Dolph reappears and cuts a manic promo going from complimenting Kofi to talking about taking his title.

AJ Styles has been replaced in a Fatal 4 Way due to injury and is replaced by Baron Corbin. The winner of the Fatal 4 Way will receive an opportunity to win the Universal Championship.

The Usos are having a block party. The Revival is not invited.

Shane McMahon makes his way down to the ring with his “insurance policy” Drew McIntyre. For some reason, we get the same recap of the 16-year feud between Randy Orton and Triple H. Odd timing. In the ring, Shane talks about the respect between the Samoan dynasty and the McMahon family. Shane says Roman has no respect because if he did he wouldn’t have struck Vince. Shane gives us a history lesson on the Samoan dynasty. Shane lays down a challenge to any member of the Samoan bloodline to take on the Best in the World. We go to a commercial. Up to this point, we have not had any wrestling on the show.

Shane McMahon vs. Lance Anoa’i: Before the bell rings Lance is attacked by Drew McIntyre and beat down at ringside. Shane requests Lance be brought back in the ring and the bell rings. Lance has a brief comeback but in the end, Shane gets the better and locks in a triangle leg choke for the submission. Shane refuses to let go of the hold. e gets on the mic while choking Lance and says the biggest mistake Sika ever made was spawning Roman Reigns. This draws out Reigns who attacks and gets the better of both Drew and Shane. We go to a commercial.

Brock’s back with Heyman. We were about to hear who Brock was going to choose to cash in the MITB briefcase when they are interrupted by Seth Rollins who’s not waiting any longer. Both men are trash talking in the ring when Paul Heyman begins reading the clauses of the MITB contract. Apparently, Brock did not know he had a full year to decide when he wanted to cash in the contract. Brock is pleasantly amused by this and decides he is out of there.

I’m pretty sure the 24/7 Championship happened madness here but I wasn’t really paying attention. Truth got away unscathed.

We learn that AJ Styles is out with a back injury suffered at Money in the Bank.

Becky Lynch and Nikki Cross vs. The IIconics: Nikki Cross is really holding her own against the IIconics. Cross wipes out both Kay and Royce with a crossbody coming off the apron. We go to a commercial break. Back from the break with Cross still in the ring. Cross gets the hot tag to Becky who cleans house. IIconics take control but not for too long. Cross takes out Kay on the outside while Lynch hits her new move the MANhandle Slam for the win. As Cross and Becky get their hands raised Lacey Evans makes an appearance.  She just wanted to get a better look I guess because she just left.

Back at the block party, Tamina shows up. The Revival shows up too but they weren’t invited, Or so we thought. Naomi wanted both teams to squash their beef and have a good time. All four men oblige.

Ricochet vs. Cesaro: This is a rematch from last week. These men went out there and tore the house down. That was a fun watch.

Next week Rey Mysterio will be on hand to relinquish the United States Championship due to a separated shoulder suffered after being attacked by Samoa Joe. The former US Champion Joe expects Rey to hand the Championship over back to him.

Braun Strowman vs. The Miz vs. Baron Corbin vs. Bobby Lashley in a Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match for the Universal Championship #1 Contendership: The winner will face whoever is the Universal Champion come Super-Showdown. Strowman hit a big Tower of Doom slam taking everyone out. Lashley and Corbin work together to neutralize Strowman before we head out for a commercial break. When we return Corbin and Lashley are in the ring beating down The Miz. We still have no eliminations but we do have The Miz looking like a beast in the ring. Miz even kicked out of a sick Deep Six. Braun is back and cleaning house. Bobby Lashley had the sickest escape move when Braun was making his rounds with his merry go round shoulder blocks. Strowman and Lashley begin brawling around the arena. The Miz is on fire in the ring hitting Corbin with running double knees in the corner. On the third attempt, Corbin catches Miz and hits him with End of Days to win the match. But I thought this was an Elimination Match? Apparently, Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley took themselves out of the equation when they began fighting around the arena.

Back at the Usos Block Party, The Revival ruined a game of cornhole. R-Truth is trying and succeeding in not losing the 24/7 Championship.

Time for another edition of the Firefly Funhouse!

Before we go to commercial break Sami Zayn comes down to the ring for a new segment with Corey Graves entitled, The Electric Chair. It is where the WWE Universe can ask Sami anything they want. This a bad idea that quickly became a good idea. Sami gets sick of these boring mundane questions and wonders why NO ONE ASKED HIM ABOUT AEW.


Seth Rollins vs. Sami Zayn: This was an incredibly physical match. The major highlight was Rollins hurting his knee after a dive to the outside. Rollins cannot put any weight on the leg and despite being able to fight for a brief moment he is in deep trouble. There was a great Figure Four leg lock that Rollins is able to reverse the pressure. Rollins keeps using the bad leg subconsciously. We’re in the corner where Rollins blocks a Superplex but when he attempts a Frogsplash Zayn gets his knees up. After a brief sequence, Rollins is able to round off a Curbstomp. Rollins yells, “This is my life!” three times before hitting another Curbstomp for the win. You have to wonder how bad Seth hurt that knee. Rollins celebrates as we go off the air.

Tonight’s Raw was a pretty basic show heavy on the promo and buildup and light on the wrestling. Go out of your way to watch Cesaro and Ricochet. I was going to post up a link but WWE is slacking on the YouTube clips.  Obviously, everyone is going to be talking about Sami dropping the dirty A word. Get ready for a week of think pieces from the internet!

Comment your thoughts on tonight’s Raw below.

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