SmackDown Live Recap – 5/28/19

We are not wasting any time tonight we are getting right into a match between Kevin Owens and Kofi Kingston. Before the match, Kevin chastises the Oklahoma crowd. Owens says he is innocent when it comes to the matter of someone attacking Big E. Owens is interrupted by the WWE Champion Kofi Kingston who knows Kevin is the man who attacked Big E. Kofi says Kevin is lying to himself if he thinks he is going to soften Kofi up for Dolph Ziggler at WWE Super Showdown. Kofi says Kevin for all of his wrongdoings.

Kevin Owens vs. Kofi Kingston: This one is a non-title match. Kofi is definitely banged up but he not letting Kevin take control of the match. We come back from a commercial break with Owens taking over the match. Owens is keeping the match on the ground with Kofi trying to fight back. Both men trade strikes before the match ended up on the outside. We go briefly back inside the ring before Kevin sends Kofi flying back to the outside from the top. Kofi makes it back in before a count of ten. Owens takes the match back outside to do more damage on Kofi. The WWE Champion keeps making it back in the ring before ten angering Owens who sends Kofi back out. Back in the ring, Kevin is beating Kofi heavy but the Champ won’t quit. Owens sends Kofi back out once again after stopping Kofi from skinning the cat then Owens flattens him with a frog splash. Kofi makes it back into the ring before ten again! Owens pancakes Kofi with another frog splash for two. Owens goes up top again but Kofi cuts him off. Lofi pounds on Kevin on the corner. Kevin headbutts Kofi off the top and lands a sick Senton. Owens goes for the pop-up Powerbomb but Kofi escapes, sends Owens into the ropes and hits him with Trouble in Paradise on the button for the win. What a great match really making Kofi look like the underdog champion.

R-Truth is still on the run as the 24/7 Champion. Drake Maverick is hot on his trail.

Before we go to a commercial break, the SmackDown Tag Team Champions Rowan and Daniel Bryan come down to the ring. When we come back fro the break the SD Tag Champs unleash a verbal tongue lashing on the Oklahoma crowd for their Memorial Day BBQ food choices. Hot dogs come from pigs name Wiggles and burgers come from cows named Wilbur. Bryan says he and Rowan will save the SmackDown Tag Team division because they are the planet’s Champions. Kayla Braxton informs both men they do have a team looking to face them. Heavy Machinery comes down to the ring. Tucker says they love to have fun but it is time for them to get down to business and win the SD Tag Team Championships. Bryan agrees to give them a shot, just not here in Oklahoma, the fracking capital of the world.

Backstage Bayley is getting ready for her match against Lacey Evans while Mandy Rose passes out copies of her Muscle and Fitness cover magazine.

Mandy Rose vs. Carmella: I’m not kidding when I say this was a pretty decent match. It was a really physical, heavy strike battle between both women who have improved in the ring dramatically. Sonya Deville gets on the ring apron distracting Carmella when Rose stacks up Mella with a deep cover for the win.

R-Truth is still on the run from the locker room. He comes face to face with his newfound arch nemesis, Drake Maverick. Truth is out of there.

We go to break while Shane McMahon is making his way down the ring with his cronies Drew McIntyre and Elias. Apparently, it’s Shane McMahon Appreciation Night. We get a pretty sick video presentation (produced by Kevin Dunn) on Shane’s biggest moments. To Shane, Roman bit the hand that feeds him. Elias is so moved by Shane’s declaration that he wants to sing him a song. The song is interrupted by R-Truth who is running from Drake Maverick. R-Truth decides to stop running and drops Maverick. Truth gets the win and retains his title but he couldn’t have done so at a worse time. Shane, Elias, and McIntyre beat Truth down. McIntyre hits a vicious Claymore Kick. Elias covers Truth and wins the 24/7 Championship. Shane McMahon makes the main event for tonight, R-Truth and Roman Reigns vs. Elias and Drew McIntyre. He also suspends the 24/7 rule for the match so Elias cannot lose his title.

Lacey Evans is having tea time with her new friend Charlotte Flair.

Lars Sullivan will face the Lucha House Party in a 3 on 1 Handicap Match.

Charlotte Flair will be on commentary for the Bayley vs. Lacey Evans match.

Bayley vs. Lacey Evans: I’m really surprised to see Lacey so dominant in this match. Bayley has not gotten one ounce of offense in. Bayley finally finds an opening and gets her licks in on the outside. Bayley pops Charlotte back into her seat. Charlotte chases Bayley back into the ring. Lacey tries to roll up Bayley but Bayley shifts it into a pin of her own and gets the win.

Bayley bails out of the ring when suddenly Lacey and Charlotte begin brawling in the ring.

Backstage a banged up R-Truth is getting a pep talk from Carmella.

The Undertaker will be on hand for Monday Night Raw.

Roman Reigns and R-Truth vs. Drew McIntyre and Elias: Elias and McIntyre jump R-Truth as he is making his way down to the ring, A brawl breaks out before the bell rings. We make it back into the ring Roman is getting beat down. Roman gets the tag to R-Truth who fights valiantly but is no match for Drew McIntyre. Back from a commercial break with Truth getting worked over by Elias. Now it’s Drew’s turn. Truth is in a lot of trouble. R-Truth finally gets the tag to Roman and the roof comes off the arena. Reigns hits the Superman Punch on McIntyre then the Drive-By on the outside to Elias. Shane tried intervening but almost got pummeled by Roman. McIntyre tried to break it up with a Claymore Kick but Roman moves and Drew goes crashing into the commentary table. Back in the ring Roman hits Elias with a Spear and picks up the win for his team.

After the match, Roman hits Elias with another Spear. This allows R-Truth to cover Elias and regain the 24/7 Championship. It was a nice feel-good moment for the fans.

SmackDown tonight was a pretty basic event but with more wrestling than what we got last night I give this one a thumbs up. I’m really enjoying the goofiness of the 24/7 Championship.

What did you think of tonight’s SmackDown Live? Leave a comment below.

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