Matt Riddle On Goldberg: “He’s Terrible, He’s Hurting People”

NXT’s Matt Riddle was publicly critical of the Goldberg vs Undertaker match from Super ShowDown in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia recently. In recent months, Riddle has made comments about wanting to retire Brock Lesnar as well. Riddle is currently at the Download Festival in the UK and spoke to Talk Sport about why he doesn’t like Goldberg.

“The thing for me is, and one of the reasons I was never a fan of Goldberg in the beginning when everybody was like ‘oh, he’s so good!’ I was like ‘no, he’s terrible, he’s hurting people’ and there’s nothing else.”

“He just has three-minute matches. And that was my thing and when people say ‘who was your favorite wrestler?’ I really don’t have one. I just liked really good wrestling. That’s why I fight and I do that. So for me, I don’t care how much money he makes, I’m just glad people were entertained. But, stick to your wheelhouse, bro. And stop headbutting doors before you wrestle. And I’m not hating – I’m not hating – I’m just spitting facts and these are all facts and things he should take into consideration. And not just for me, not because he got made fun of, but for his health as well.”

Riddle’s comments regarding Goldberg were also addressed recently on Figure Four Daily with Bryan Alvarez and Lance Storm.

“This is what I was told about why Matt Riddle doesn’t like Bill Goldberg,” Bryan Alvarez said on the show. Alvarez did stress he has not talked to Riddle about this, however.

“The way it was explained to me was Matt Riddle has two great loves in his life. One of them is professional wrestling and one of them is mixed martial arts. In his mind, Goldberg is a guy who made millions and millions of dollars and did not love professional wrestling. He also had a gimmick where basically he pretended to be a mixed martial arts fighter, which he was not. These are apparently the things that really bothered Matt Riddle. There’s I’m sure probably more to it than that but that’s what I was told.”

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