Matt Riddle On His Work Ethic, Who He Wants To Face In NXT, His Wrestling Influences

NXT star Matt Riddle was recently interviewed by RondaRousey.com to talk all things pro-wrestling. Riddle discusses his transition from the independent circuit to NXT, his overall competitive nature, and how he hopes to one day wrestle Johnny Gargano, Cesaro, Andrade, Finn Balor, and AJ Styles. Highlights are below.

Indies to NXT:

The thing with wrestling here is it’s just on a bigger stage, it’s more important. And I feel like sometimes there’s a different level of professionalism and … it’s a little harder. You gotta focus on a lot more things. You can’t just be like, “Oh yeah, I forgot to do that but it was still good.” You’re not just performing for the audience in front of you there, you’re performing for the audience at home. So I feel like that’s the biggest thing. I feel like that even though they have bigger and better cameras, I feel like sometimes it’s harder for them to get the angles they want. Because there’s so much going on. But I feel like in the indies, you had three guys with camcorders just running around the ring. Like dude, they don’t have any cords or anything.

His work ethic and competitive nature:

Well the thing is, I’m also really competitive too. And I understand wrestling’s not just about being good at wrestling or having buzz or trash talk, but you also have to play politics. And I think that’s a big aspect of wrestling I don’t think people understand.

And I don’t think I’m overbearing. I think in any environment, workplace, or whatever, you’re going to have people that are a little more aggressive and demanding and stuff like that. Or maybe do that and I’ve seen it. I’ve seen it around. I mean, it’s everywhere. People always politic for themselves. But there’s different ways of doing it. I just feel like my approach is just very laid back. You got to take everything with a smile and kind of kill everybody with kindness. And I work really hard.

Match he still wants to have in NXT:

I would say, the match I’m really psyched on and I don’t know if it’ll ever happen… But I feel like I couldn’t wrestle [him] on the indies … he left right before I got there. And now I feel like I should wrestle [him] but we always have teamed: That would be Johnny Gargano. I never, never wrestled him. Never touched. Never locked. Never locked the horns. I don’t even think we’ve played in the ring. I think I’ve shaken his hand, that’s about it. And talked to him. Other than that, we have done nothing.

Who he wants to face on the main roster besides Brock Lesnar:

Well, I mean, there’s so many people. But I would say, Cesaro’s been up there. His athleticism and style, you know, [basically] that’s what I’m into. And then like an AJ Styles, Andrade, Finn Balor—I mean, the list goes on. The main roster has a ton of talent. But it’s just a matter of getting the opportunity and the right amount of time. You know how it goes.

His wrestling influences:

I don’t know if it was specific wrestlers but it was specific matches. Maybe like Bret Hart/Shawn Michaels‘s Ironman match. That match, how competitive it was, how hard they went, the reactions from the crowd. And then, guys like Jerry Lynn and Rob Van Dam, the competitive matches they’ve had. It’s just the sequences and everything. … I mean, there’s others. … Kurt Angle’s another one. I just like people that bring in a very competitive mentality to pro wrestling.

Taken from Rajah.com

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