NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff Recap and Results (8/31/19)

The 2nd ever NXT UK TakeOver special is treating LIVE on the WWE Network and across all WWE social media platforms. Join me here for results and analysis of each match. A new update will be live here after each match!

Travis Banks vs. Noam Dar: The beginning of the match saw Dar up to his usual trickery faking an injury to catch Banks off guard to take over the match. Dar did some damage to the shoulder of Banks who has had a history of shoulder injuries. Banks mounted a comeback that was stopped by Dar who kicked away at the shoulders of Banks. Dar switched his target to the leg/knee of Banks who matches Dar move for move. The action spills to the outside briefly with Dar continuing his attack on Banks’ right knee. Banks snuffs out a counter from Dar and takes control of the match. Back on the outside where Banks hits Dar with a Slice of Heaven off the barricade then sending him back in the ring for a double stomp off the top rope. Back and forth in the ring. Dar blocks a Slice of Heaven attempt and hits a Nova Rolla kick for the win. I really enjoyed this match.

Ilja Dragunov answers Cesaro’s open challenge: Talk about a treat. From the moment the bell rang this became a straight up fight. For much of the beginning this was like a clinic being taught by the veteran Cesaro. Dragunov tried his hardest but ended up getting spun in a Cesaro Swing for a total of forty revolutions. Yes, forty. Dragunov is like a pit bull, the harder you hit him the quicker he comes back at you. The crowd is on fire. Cesaro kicks out of a huge senton from Dragunov. Cesaro hits a massive pop up European Uppercut then follows it up with a Neutralizer for the win. What a match. Wow.

Grizzled Young Vets (c) vs. Gallus vs. Flash Morgan Webster for the NXT UK Tag Team Championships: Gibson and Andrews start things off. The crowd is LOUD. Webster and Morgan working great together as a team. They have complete control in the match. Gibson and Drake find an opening and now have control. Webster was getting worked over heavily but the crowd erupted when he got the tag to his partner Mark Andrews. Webster and Andrews are back to using tandem moves until they are cut off by the GYV. Finally Gallus gets a moment to shine as they kind of come off as an afterthought in the match. Later on, Andrews hits a phenomenal Shooting Star to the outside onto everyone. Gibson and Andrews are in the ring. Gibson gets hit with Stundog Millionaire from Andrews then a Senton from Webster for two. GYV fight back but Webster and Morgan won’t quit. The crowd is on fire. Gallus are the only men standing and they clean house. Gallus hit some offense but go for a nonchalant cover that doesn’t go in their favor. Everyone is in the ring now. There is action everywhere. Webster and Andrews are in the ring challenging GYV to a fight. Webster and have the match won until Gibson pulled the official out of the ring. GYV hit Ticket to Ride but instead of going for the cover James Drake goes and takes Gallus out on the outside. Gibson goes for the cover but Andrews stops it with a Shooting Star Press from the top. Andrews rolls Webster onto Gibson and the official counts the three. We have new NXT UK Tag Team Champions. And for the first time in WWE history Welsh born Superstars hold Championship gold.

Dave Mastiff vs. Joe Coffey in a Last Man Standing Match: Just a few minutes into the match Mastiff sends Coffey into the corner and the top rope snaps completely off the turnbuckle. These two guys basically just beat the hell out of each other with everything from a pool cue to cricket bats. Being that there was no top rope, much of the match happened on the outside. Mastiff uses a chain that was brought to the ring by Coffey. Tables are breaking left and right. The action spills into the audience where both men brawl. They crash into each other holding steel chairs. They fight all the way to the commentary table where Mastiff hits a rolling senton on top of the table. Both men battle on the top of a platform behind the commentary table. A headbutt sends both men crashing through a table down below. Both men fight to their feet by nine, Mastiff using a road case for assistance. At nine and a half Coffey kicked the case Mastiff was using for a stand sending Mastiff back down and counted out at ten. Joe Coffey wins a wild Last Man Standing Match.

Toni Storm (c) vs. Kay Lee Ray for the NXT UK Women’s Championship: This was a back and forth affair where both women threw their best shots at each other. Both kicked out of the other’s respective finishers. Storm fighting with a lot of heart and emotion. After hitting Ray with a German Suplex from the top both women are at a standstill. Back in the ring Ray sends Storm into the ropes then hits her with her with a second Gory-Bomb and picks up the win to a stunned silent crowd.

WALTER (c) vs. Tyler Bate for the NXT UK Championship: A lot of this match was built around the size difference between both men. Bate really impressed everyone using his power to sort of catch Walter off guard. All it took was a chop from Walter for him to take control of the match. On the outside of the ring Walter hits Bate with powerbombs onto the apron and into the ring post. The medic at ringside had to check on Bate at one point. Walter takes over like a snake playing with its prey. Whenever Bate tries to mount a comeback Walter stops it dead in its tracks. Walter starts destroying Bate with chops. This is brutal. As both men battle on the apron Tyler Bate hits an Exploder Suplex that sends both men crashing to the ringside floor. Back in the ring Bate somehow takes over the match. This comeback ends just like the other with Walter hitting a chop and taking over, this time with a vicious looking Boston Crab into a sleeper. Even with Bate getting to the ropes he doesn’t look too good. Somehow Bate is able to find the strength to hit Walter with a Suplex. Bate has Walter wobbly. This is back and forth from both men. Bate pays homage to his British Strong Style brethren Pete Dunne by attacking the fingers of Walter then hitting Walter with an Exploder from the top. It is still not enough to put Walter away. Both men are just slugging away. Bate is miraculously able to hoist Walter onto his shoulders for a spin then a Burning Hammer. Incredible. Tyler Bate hits the Tyler Driver 97 for two! Corkscrew Plancha for two! This will not end. Tyler Bate just won’t quit. As Bate fights to his feet Walter hits a devastating lariat and that finally puts Tyler Bate away. This was an absolute war. One for the ages. This match is easily a Match of the Year contender. Good lord.

The show closes with all the members of British Strong Style in the ring helping Tyler to his feet.

NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff in many respects overdelivered in terms of quality. As good as all the matches were, Tyler Bate and Walter put NXT, NXT UK, and possibly all of WWE on their back going up against stiff competition for the weekend.

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