Check out the official Patreon page for The Wrestling Chronicle

I have launched a Patreon page where if you pledge to a monthly tier you get exclusive content not available anywhere else. I’ve kept the tiers pretty low, believe me I know how hard it is just to spare a few bucks.

For only $1 I will do an audio review for any match of your choosing. With this review not only do you get my thoughts on the match but full commentary as I watch it for the first time. Good stuff.

For only $5 I will do a full audio review of any PPV you choose on the WWE Network. With this review you get my analysis of the event, explanation of storylines going into the event, and any behind the scenes information I can dig up.

And for $10 you will get exclusive interviews with some of the biggest names in pro wrestling. It won’t be the typical wrestling interview. It will have hard hitting, thought provoking questions and most important, it will be fun!

Those are the three tiers we have available and in the future I’ll be coming up with more perks for anyone that wants exclusive content.

This Patreon is for a good cause. Instead of pocketing money for myself I’m going to give it to charity. Every month I will select a charity to receive my portion of the revenue made via Patreon. My goal is never to make money but to do something good and this platform allows myself and for you, the patron, to do so.

Click this banner to visit the Patreon!

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