PCO Talks About ROH Morale, Wanting To Compete With WWE And AEW

Ring of Honor (ROH) wrestler PCO has opened up about the current morale within ROH during an interview with Main Event Radio. During the interview, the number one contender to RUSH’s ROH World Championship also spoke about wanting ROH to be more competitive with WWE and AEW.

“We got a great team spirit in Ring of Honor,” PCO said. “Overall, you don’t see jealousy much. We don’t always travel everyone together, but when we all get together we all get along. The atmosphere in the locker room right now is excellent and we are all there to steal the show and do the best that we can do. We had a big meeting in Baltimore two weeks ago with the office talking about the future. The big Sinclair Broadcasting office, it’s like Titan Tower. They own 217 TV stations across the US. The current state of Ring of Honor is very good.”

He noted that, even though ROH attendance has been down recently, the company is still doing well and is “healthy.” PCO added that they have plenty of people subscribing to HonorClub and are making a lot of merchandise sales. He then stressed how ROH takes care of its wrestlers, sharing how they have previously covered all medical costs for him and Villain Enterprises leader Marty Scurll. As far as he is concerned, not even WWE treated him as well as ROH.

“We all stay in first-class hotels, they ask you which airline you prefer to fly with. They are so professional, it’s unbelievable. [ROH COO] Joe Koff comes up to you and shakes your hand and asks you how everything is going. They have a lot of heart, and I could only see this company growing and getting better. We have been hurt by losing a lot of talents in a short span of time. We are rebuilding and some new things are coming up for 2020.”

PCO explained how they actively want to compete with promotions like WWE and AEW. He claimed there is a plan in place to allow them to achieve this going forward.

ROH’s next pay-per-view, Final Battle, takes place on Friday 13th December in Baltimore, Maryland.

H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.



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