Arn Anderson On Why WWE Never Got Behind Cesaro

Arn Anderson recently discussed why WWE has never gotten behind Cesaro in a big way. Anderson commented on Cesaro in WWE during a recent episode of “the Arn Show.”

“He was probably outspoken, probably stood up for himself which is not taken lightly or very well,” Anderson said regarding why WWE has failed to pull the trigger on Cesaro.

“This is a guy who did a giant swing on Khali for god’s sake,” he continued. “If you didn’t see it, pull it up, find it.”

“Had it not been for Big Show having a bad knee or a bad hip, I can’t remember which, it might have been a bad hip. He had the wherewithal to giant swing Big Show. His hip being bad is the only thing that prevented it. Now, put that visual in your head. The guy is super-human strong.”

Anderson also said that Cesaro suffered as a result of working as a heel. This prevented him from doing some of his more crowd-pleasing moves.

“All the things that he had done to get himself over as a single when he became partners with Sheamus, these guys were heels, you didn’t want to do all the pretty stuff.”

Anderson’s comments regarding Cesaro can be heard in the player below:

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