Triple H Teases Retirement From Active Competition

Triple H recently spoke to to promote the upcoming Takeover: Blackpool II event and the Game spoke about a number of interesting topics during the interview.

CM Punk has been in news in recent months due to his new role at WWE Backstage and a lot of people have been wondering if this new relationship will turn out to be the foundation for Punk’s return to WWE ring.

Stephanie McMahon has previously said that she wants both Punk and his wife AJ Lee back in WWE and when asked about his wife’s comments, the former World Champion also replied positively:

‘If it was right for them, for the company, for everyone involved, then absolutely. I don’t think that’s ever been a factor, of somebody, saying “this person should be here, or that person should be here”.

Triple H continued by saying that incredible talent are always incredible talent and mentioned how The Boss Mr. McMahon has echoed the sentiment never say never, over and over again.

Triple H On Possible Retirement From In-Ring Action

The King Of Kings has seen an increase in his backstage responsibilities lately but at the same time, his participation in active competition has declined.

The last time he laced up his boots for a match was at WrestleMania last year where H competed in a No Holds Barred match against Batista and since then people have been wondering if we have seen the last of the Game’s in-ring career.

While he did not address the issue directly, Triple H did tease a possible retirement during the interview, while explaining how he has to remind himself that he is not young anymore:

“Sometimes I look at the talent and I think, oh man, if I was 25 and could step in the ring with them – but then the reality quickly comes back to me. ‘You’re not 25 and you can’t do that!’

The business evolves, and in some way – I look at it, from a story telling standpoint, that’s what we’re sort of teaching them and that comes from experience. But the physicality of it and the things that a lot of talent are able to do – I couldn’t do that anyway!’

The Vice President went on to admit that there are a lot of current talents he would have loved to work with if he was in his prime but he remembers that he is not young anymore.

Triple H has not given any timetable for retirement so it’s likely that he will be available for possible storylines in the foreseeable future and step back in the ring a few more times before finally calling it a career.

However, at 50 years old, it’s pretty sure that the former World Champion won’t be returning to the ring for a extended run and any match could be the last match of his career.

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