R-Truth on the 24/7 Title – “We Took Shiznit and Made Lemonade Out of It”

WWE Superstar R-Truth recently appeared on the NotSam Wrestling podcast hosted by Sam Roberts. During the show Truth discussed the 24/7 Championship, a division that he has been a major part of since its inception.

When the belt was first introduced by Mick Foley on the May 20th, 2019 episode of RAW it was critically panned. The visual look of the belt was a major turn off for many fans and Truth discussed this during the interview, saying that fans weren’t willing to give the division a chance at first because of how ugly the belt looked.

“made lemonade out of it” – R-Truth

“This title ain’t nothing but what you make it” Truth began. “Me and my colleagues have made the best of it. We took…i guess ‘shiznit’ and made lemonade out of it.”

“The fans didn’t want to give it a chance,” R-Truth continued. “They didn’t want to give it a chance at all man. ‘AH MAN LOOK HOW UGLY THAT BELT IS,’ [they said]. When Mick Foley pulled it out of the bag man they said it looked so ugly…if it was a baby they’d put it in the incubator without a window.”

R-Truth then said how the perception of the belt has changed, claiming “but now everybody loves it man, everybody wants to hold it.”

“it’s like it never happened before”

Sam Roberts also asked R-Truth if he ever felt a ‘told you so’ mentality towards fans regarding their initial hated and now love (!?) for the belt. “No, because when I can change their opinion on something that they hated, it’s like [the hate] never happened before” Truth stated.

“what sense would it make me losing to a ring announcer!?”

Roberts also asked R-Truth about how his younger self might have reacted to some of the more ridiculous antics that he gets up to on WWE television these days. “Absolutely right, what sense would it make me losing to a ring announcer!? R-Truth laughed. “I’m more mature, Im a grown man now, a younger K-Kwik?…I guess wanting to constantly perfect your craft [has made a difference]. With all of that maturity it puts you in a different mindset. If the ring announcer wants to beat me tonight then I will make it the best ring announcer victory ever.”

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