Taz Signed for New AEW Show, More on Those Plans & Future of AEW Dark

As noted, AEW’s new del with Turner will add another hour of pre-taped television later this year. It will be taped on Wednesday and aired on a yet-to-be-determined day on a Turner station, likely TNT but possibly another one. TNT wants to move AEW Dark to television but AEW’s idea would keep the show on the internet and launch essentially the third show with a different name.

This second show will not air on Sunday, Monday or Thursday because Tony Khan has an agreement not to air wrestling anytime the NFL is on due to his family owning the Jacksonville Jaguars, reports the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. That would leave Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday with Tuesday being difficult due to TNT’s commitments with the NBA. Saturday would be tough as well since UFC, Boxing and college football games air and AEW runs their PPVs on the night too. One of the stories for later this year is what day and time this new show end up on as well as to see if WWE attempts to counter it with content of their own.

The announcement of Taz signing a new multi-year contract with AEW is directly related to this new show as he is set to be one of the new announcers there as well as sit in on some Dark episodes as well, where the announcer spots are expected to rotate.

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