Paige On The Women’s Evolution, What CM Punk Is Like On Backstage, Tyson Fury and Ronda Rousey

WWE’s Paige spoke with Seconds Out while in the UK and revealed what CM Punk is really like on WWE Backstage. She also discusses how professional fighters like Ronda Rousey and Tyson Fury have adapted to the WWE wrestling style. That and more below.

What it’s like working with CM Punk:

He’s so wonderful. I respect him and AJ (Mendez). AJ was one of my favorite people when we got on the road. I didn’t get to really talk to Punk until he came back, which was a big surprise to me. When he came out I marked out, I was like “Holy hell.” But he’s very sweet. Very respectful. He like helps…he like guides you.

On how the women’s evolution has adapted:

It’s definitely bitter sweet. It makes me sad because cause I get to sit back and watch everyone do such an incredible job, but also sweet because they’re doing such a good job. You kind of like pass the torch, and they’re just killing it. I’m so proud of all the women. Becky and Nikki…I’m just proud of all of them.

On how fighters like Ronda Rousey and Tyson Fury adapted to the WWE style:

I was really surprised actually because there are lot of the time when you have actors or celebrities come over…it’s harder than it looks. They come over and they try really really hard and some people don’t grasp it straight away. I feel like Ronda did such a good job, amazing actually. I was very surprised. How is this woman getting wrestling? It took me years to try and capture this, and she just nailed it just straight away.

And Tyson…I feel like if someone’s in that entertainment industry…they understand it a little bit more. So even if they can’t wrestle as good, they can just fake it. Fake it till they make it.

She also goes on to tell her haters and people that bother her online “f**k you.” Check out the full interview below.

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