Jake Roberts Shares What He Dislikes About Modern Promos

Jake “The Snake” Roberts has divulged what he finds problematic in modern pro wrestling promos. When asked for his thoughts on All Elite Wrestling’s style and quality of promos, the WWE Hall of Famer, unsurprisingly, didn’t hold back.

“It’s better than what we have been getting. I’m excited a little bit about it but there’s just a few things I can’t stand. One of those is the invisible wall during these talk fests,” Roberts told the WINCLY podcast. “If you’re really thinking about all of that with a guy that’s in the ring with you – I guess guys are stuck between an invisible wall and you can’t get to the guy.”

He continued, “I guess that’s the business now and in my day you wouldn’t have two guys in the ring with mics. It just wouldn’t happen. If it was the real world, are you gonna sit and talk about this BS or are you gonna whoop his ass?”

Jake Roberts’ Coaching Plans

Known for his intense promos, Jake Roberts has expressed an active interest in helping to teach and cultivate a new generation his skills. He highlighted how he has previously helped guide talents such as “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Diamond Dallas Page and The Road Warriors in the past, noting: “I taught them well evidently and then to get kudos from Undertaker on his thing with Steve Austin was cool.”

Roberts also noted how wrestlers and industry professionals within the business should “all pull together” in an aligned effort to “make the product better.”

H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

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