Charlotte Flair Reveals She Was Barred From Using Traits Of Ric Flair In NXT

Charlotte Flair has embraced her father’s legacy and taken it to new heights in WWE. However, she recently revealed that there was a time when she wasn’t allowed to use the traits of her father, Ric Flair in the company.

The 10-times Women’s Champion recently had an interview with where among other things she talked about her father’s legacy in detail.

During the talk, she also recalled her early days in NXT and The former Women’s Champion revealed that she wasn’t allowed to use the things associated to her father when Charlotte first started in the company:

‘When I first started, I wasn’t allowed to “wooo”, do the figure four, nothing was supposed to be associated with my dad. ‘And then at NXT Takeover against Natalya [in 2014], I won the NXT women’s championship.

That day, I debuted my music which had his music in it, and I “woooed” for the first time. It just happened organically because my dad was at ringside, but that was never something I set out to do…”

Charlotte continued to explain that she didn’t want to continue the legacy but it just happened and she then asked how can you ignore the fact that your father is Ric Flair.

Apart from this, Charlotte Flair also talked about her childhood and mentioned how she was never raised to think that she couldn’t do anything a man could. You can check out her full interview at this link.

Written By: Anutosh Bajpai

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