Baron Corbin Discusses His Feud With Roman Reigns, Going “Old School”

WWE Superstar Baron Corbin has reflected on his feud with Roman Reigns. During the rivalry, Corbin utilized a can of real dog food, dunking its contents over “The Big Dog.” Speaking with the Houston Chronicle, Corbin talked about how doing so was a “blast” for him.

Old School

Corbin spoke about the pride he takes in playing the bad guy, helping the WWE Universe get behind babyfaces like Roman Reigns. He stated how “Every once in a while you used to get the ‘Let’s go Roman,’ ‘Roman Sucks’ chants. Now, no one is saying ‘Roman sucks.’ It is always ‘Corbin sucks.’”

When asked about a rivalry highlight, Corbin shared how “covering him in dog food was a blast aside from the smell – it got on me as well. But that level of guttural hatred that I heard when we were doing it was awesome and the moment was right. I think it was old school and it was just nasty. And I think outside the box. It was a lot of fun to do.”

Baron Corbin’s Royal Rumble Thoughts

With WWE’s Royal Rumble match coming up this Sunday, Corbin was asked about the 30-man match. He confessed he likes competing in the Rumble as it “keeps you on your toes.”

“There are so things that go awry and stuff like that when you have so many competitors in the ring and it’s exciting and stressful but it’s fun. You have to keep your head on a swivel because you don’t always know who’s coming out next and whatever it may be. You have 29 other people trying to get rid of you. I think it’s awesome. It’s just a huge overload of stress and excitement and that’s what makes it fun.”

Baron Corbin faces Roman Reigns in a Falls Count Anywhere match this Sunday at Royal Rumble. The event takes place at Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas.

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