AJ Styles Confirms Separated Shoulder, Says He Won’t Miss WrestleMania

AJ Styles confirmed on his Mixer channel that he suffered a separated shoulder in the WWE Royal Rumble. Styles took an inside out bump on a spear by Edge, landing roughly on his shoulder. Styles put “zero blame” on Edge, saying it was his fault. AJ also mentioned that he hopes to have the chance to wrestle Edge in the future.

Styles was told to get out of the ring to be checked on, but he communicated that he needed to go over the top. Edge tossed AJ over the top, eliminating him from the match. 

When providing an update, Styles said he “doesn’t expect to be out very long” and that he bets he’ll “be back before they think I’m ready,”but will see how things work out. He went on to say that he was work to do and it bothers him that he’s off of work. He thanked fans for checking on him and said he’ll be alright.

He also stated, “I’m not missing WrestleMania. I’ll scratch and claw my way there.”

AJ didn’t give an exact time for his return. WrestleMania is nine weeks away. 

Written by: Jeremy Lambert


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