Brandi Rhodes Explains Leaving The Nightmare Collective

Brandi Rhodes recently appeared on Wrestling Observer Live and talked about the Nightmare Collective angle in AEW. According to Rhodes, she is no longer involved in the angle, though Mel and Luther will still likely continue to be aligned on the show. The other Nightmare Collective member, Awesome Kong, is currently away from the promotion as she films the final season of Netflix’s GLOW.

“It’s a question that has been going on for a while enough that I want to address it,” Rhodes said. “I want to address it one time and then I’m not going to talk about it probably ever again, we’ll see.”

“The Nightmare Collective became the Nightmare Collective,” Brandi said. “There was no original ‘hey, let’s do a Nightmare Collective.’”

“The original thing was supposed to be myself and Awesome Kong, me managing Awesome Kong,” Brandi continued. “Awesome Kong came to me with an idea of wanting to change her look, and kind of her vibe, still being an assassin of sorts.”

Rhodes would continue to say that Kong was not physically feeling great as things moved forward so changes to the angle had to be made and more people were added to the group. She would then say as the Nightmare Collective angle developed, she wasn’t feeling the storyline.

“I started to see that the music was not playing how I liked it,” Brandi said. “I didn’t feel it and I started to notice that audience members are on the same page as me.”

Brandi Rhodes Goes To Therapy, Leaves Nightmare Collective

Rhodes then said it was her decision to change the angle and she put together the video series with the therapist which essentially ended her involvement in the Nightmare Collective.

“I made the decision to do the series that I put out with the therapist, I hired the actress that was the therapist,” she continued.

“That definitely doesn’t mean its dead now that I’m not there,” Rhodes continued, suggesting that Mel and Luther would likely continue the angle.

Written by: Ian Carey


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