Dustin Rhodes Talks Career Resurgence In AEW and Leaving WWE

AEW Star Dustin Rhodes recently commented on his move to the All Elite brand and how his career ‘resurgence’ has impacted him. Appearing on Busted Open Radio, Dustin went into how he felt leaving WWE, where he states he felt ‘deflated.’

“I’ve left WWE, I was very deflated had lost my passion” Dustin began. “Tony [Khan] picks up the phone and calls me, and we get this match.”

Dustin Rhodes vs Cody Rhodes

Dustin then talked about the build to him versus Cody Rhodes at the Double or Nothing PPV, a bout that he and Cody had wanted to make happen in WWE for years. “Double or nothing. Put down on paper. Very nervous about it, you know at my age I didn’t know if I could still perform at such a high level. I questioned myself a lot. And I went in there and did it and for me and. And we, we nailed a home run and we knocked one out of the park.”

Dustin Rhodes then described the match as the crowning glory of his pro wrestling career thus far. “It has topped all of my former greatest moments in the wrestling industry for 32 years” Dustin stated. “This was, this was the one. This was the one that I wanted to do for years and years and years and we finally did it. And we pulled it off with a great story, great emotion. People were invested in it, and that’s what the wrestling business is all about. I found my passion again.”

Dustin Rhodes will be taking on Jake Hager at this weekend’s AEW Revolution PPV, which is available to purchase via FITE TV.

You can catch Busted Open Radio via Sirius XM or the Podcast version through iTunes, Stitcher or your favorite provider.

Written by: Jake Jeremy

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