It Looks Like Drew Gulak and WWE Have Parted Ways

Although there has been no definitive reason as to why this happened it looks like Drew Gulak won’t be on WWE programming anymore. Earlier today there were rumblings on social media that something was up with Gulak when his profile was moved to the alumni section. PWInsider later confirmed that Gulak’s deal he signed with WWE had expired and by the looks of it both parties could not come to a mutual agreement on a new deal. Now, this is just speculation and hope on my part but I’m hoping that WWE felt it wasn’t the best time to talk contracts in the middle of a global pandemic that has turned WWE upside down and left the door open for Gulak to return when Covid-19 is behind us.

Either way, the news sucks. Gulak always made the best of his time on TV and his work with Daniel Bryan in the past few months has been some of the best work to come out of SmackDown as a whole. The matches were intense and technical, unlike anything we’ve seen on the main roster in months or years even. Pairing Gulak with Bryan seemed to have put Gulak on the path to being a regular on our TV screens. Whatever the case may be with WWE and Drew Gulak I hope that Drew can land on his feet in any promotion where his endless knowledge of pro wrestling can be showcased.

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