Admit it, the pandemic has made WWE better

If you’re a long time member of the online wrestling community you know there is one thing that rings true. No matter how good things are someone will find something to complain about. I suppose that is true for all forms of entertainment in 2020 but wrestling fans seem to take the cake when it comes to hate watching a product. Why? The answer is pretty simple yet complex at the same time.

Any true wrestling fan would tell you that the current WWE product is actually pretty good. Is it perfect? No but we know nothing ever is. The Covid-19 pandemic has been the worst thing to happen to the entire world in a very long time yet WWE has found a way to prosper.

Younger, almost unknown talent is getting a spot to shine. For me Aleister Black is the front runner who can lead this new crop of talent into even greener pastures. If you follow me you know that I am a massive Aleister fan. If I had to guess why people are so taken by Black is because he embodies something all WWE fans have been longing for since the days of Steve Austin. Someone real. Aleister Black the character is an extension of the person playing Aleister. His ideologies shine through in his promos and his arsenal of offense delivered with such ferocity and intent that fans can look past the tattoos and the imagery and still say, “I’m not going to get on that guy’s bad side.”

Another person I think is flourishing in these uncertain times that may or may not surprise you is Zelina Vega. Leading a crop of the most promising talent in the industry she has cemented herself into the mainstay of WWE programming. If Zelina is on I am watching. That also shows the brilliance of Vega because if she’s on I know I’m going to see Andrade or Angel Garza. I knew Andrade was special when he won the NXT Championship pretty much to the surprise of everyone. It was one of those things where Andrade was either going to kill it or fall flat on his face. The now-former US Champion not only killed it, he buried the body. Another bright star in Camp Vega is Angel Garza. Sadly I didn’t know much about Garza other than he comes from a family of some of the most respected luchadors in wrestling history. Obviously his in-ring skill is impeccable but the character of Angel Garza is something that Garza has mastered so well it’s like Rick Rude reincarnated himself into a Mexican heartthrob.

Moving away from the young guns of WWE it would be a shame not to shine a light on one of the best evolution of characters in WWE, that of Seth Rollins. The Monday Night Messiah went from being a goofy tag line to a multifaceted weaving of character work teetering on borderline personality disorder. The man truly believes he is a godlike guiding light for talented wrestlers brought in then left to be a WWE castaway. What came of guys like Orton and Cena at least in the WWE sense is happening to Rollins. The Monday Night Messiah is the current standard. He is the guy that is trusted to deliver a great promo, an interesting segment, or a top tier match performance.

I truly can go on and on about why WWE has gotten better. MVP may have found a calling that proves you can evolve. Bobby Lashley has gone from stale to true believable main event player in a matter of weeks. Humberto Carrillo, Apollo Crews, the Street Profits, a true WWE Champion in Drew McIntyre, I really can go on and on.

The pandemic has forced all of wrestling to rethink their mode of programming. Even the untouchable WWE has been turned on its head and has been forced to do things differently. The crazy thing is what seemingly felt like, “Okay this is all we have to work with so screw it” has turned into a gold mine for WWE that they can build on for years to come.

The simple part is WWE has turned a horrible situation into something they can use to freshen things up. The complex part is you, the fan. Are you watching what is happening or watching for something to hate on?

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