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Erik Vasquez

I created The Wrestling Chronicle back in 2013 as a means to have a place where I could discuss my thoughts on pro wrestling. It has never been about posting news stories for clicks but showcasing that pro wrestling is an athletic contest like any other sport and it uses science and psychology to tell dramatic stories. To me pro wrestling is magic and I love talking about it.

Episode 25 of the Piledriver Podcast

GIF created by: On this week’s show Edgar returns to the show and he and Erik discuss TNA’s Bound For Glory PPV, Raw, and we give you our predictions for WWE’s Hell in a Cell PPV. Being that this was an extra long show, the interview […]

Episode 24 of the Piledriver Podcast

Hey everyone! Erik here to bring you another edition of the Piledriver Podcast. I talk about the returning John Cena, The Authority/Daniel Bryan angle, false finishes, Shield fangirls, Hogan/TNA and so much more. We also have a great 5 on 5 segment with CZW VP Maven Bentley. […]

9.30.13 The Raw Hangover

Hello everyone, here’s another edition of The Raw Hangover. It isn’t your typical recap post, it’s where I share my thoughts on the most recent edition of WWE Raw and a place where you can share your own thoughts as well. I liked how Raw kicked off unlike […]