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Erik Vasquez

I created The Wrestling Chronicle back in 2013 as a means to have a place where I could discuss my thoughts on pro wrestling. It has never been about posting news stories for clicks but showcasing that pro wrestling is an athletic contest like any other sport and it uses science and psychology to tell dramatic stories. To me pro wrestling is magic and I love talking about it.


Tonight’s Raw kicks off with Paul Heyman standing in the middle of the ring. He says tonight is the last night we are ever going to see him. He tells us about how he’s done nothing but great things like ECW, bringing in Brock Lesnar, and mentoring CM […]


The show kicks off with a calmer CM Punk coming to the ring. He instructs ring announcer Justin Roberts to introduce him as “The People’s Champion”. He says he doesn’t understand why people are pointing the finger at him saying he was involved with The Shield and Brad […]

SuperBowl Sunday!

I’m just a casual football fan, I have no real team to root for. I’m a baseball guy. Anyway, I’ve spent most of my day watching DX: New and Improved DVD on Netflix. The biggest story to come out of the wrestling world recently is Bret Hart saying […]

Smackdown Results 2/1/13

Smackdown kicks off with a ring filled with a few former World Heavyweight Champions in the ring along with General Manager Booker T. and his assistant Teddy Long. Randy Orton, Sheamus, The Great Kahli, Dolph Ziggler, and Team Hell No all are trying to make their case on […]