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Erik Vasquez

I created The Wrestling Chronicle back in 2013 as a means to have a place where I could discuss my thoughts on pro wrestling. It has never been about posting news stories for clicks but showcasing that pro wrestling is an athletic contest like any other sport and it uses science and psychology to tell dramatic stories. To me pro wrestling is magic and I love talking about it.

WWE Network New Tier Pricing Information

WWE recently announced that user interface changes were coming to their WWE Network streaming service this week. Now information has come out regarding their proposed tier payment plan. The news comes off the back of WWE’s investor conference call. At the time of writing, the tiered payment plan was said […]

Time for sporadic CM Punk update

In a new interview with ESPN, former WWE champion CM Punk discusses his upcoming appearance at Starrcast III, and if that potentially means there will be a return to pro-wrestling for him. Punk also talks about receiving text messages from the likes of Cody Rhodes with AEW offers, and […]